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About Advantage Data

Founded in 1997, Advantage Data is one of the largest and most accurate sources of credit and credit derivative pricing, descriptive, financial and analytical information in the world. Advantage Data, with a worldwide customer base of corporations, issuers, financial intermediaries and institutional investors, has forged a unique position within the financial services industry by providing an unparalleled range of patented features in its twelve products: North American High Yield, North American Investment Grade, European High Yield, European Investment Grade, Convertible, Global, Emerging Markets, CDS, Syndicated Loan, Old Bonds, Equity Advantage and TRACE.  Advantage Data has pricing and analytics on approximately 390,000+ U.S. and international corporate bonds, over 5,200 CDS reference entities, over 12,600 syndicated loans, 1,500 ETFs, and over 100 equity markets worldwide.

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